"I want something that’s tight in the waist and shows off the booty." John Cena's fiancee talks about her wedding dress.

Only few knows that Love has hands, he would use his hands to carry those who are truly in it.
Love has eye,

Love is humorous, Whosoever is in it have every reason to be happy.
Nikki Bella, John Cena's new fiancee expresses how excited she is on meeting her true Love. She is also making big plans for their wedding.

The couple only got engaged few days ago, and the wedding date is yet undecided but that has not stopped the wrestling star from dreaming about the most-perfect dress for the ceremony.

When asked by E! Weekly, she says her wedding dress will surely be made to show off her popular cleavage.
“Who’s Nikki Bella without cleavage?!” she asks.

Nikki Bella shows off her engagement ring (Elite Daily)

Apart from the fact that John Cena the groom will have a great view of his fiancee's boobs on their wedding day, his mind should also be blown to bliss, considering what she expect the dress to look like.

"I feel like being a bit curvy, I want something that’s tight in the waist and shows off the booty. I definitely have to have some cleavage, you know?

"Some of me wants lace, I always go back and forth. I don’t want anything poofy; I feel like I’m too old for that," the 33-year-old says.

Nikki Bella's trademark cleaves will be shown off by her wedding dress (WrestleNewz)
John Cena and Nikki Bella get engaged at Wrestlemania (Getty)

The couple had their engagement on 2nd April 2017. With their appealing images you would desire to glide on their boat but sorry the ship's already sailing.
John and Nikki

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