Wrestler sets himself on fire to appease his fans.

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  • Kota Ibushi is a Japanese professional wrestler. 
  • Kota Ibushi, WWE star set himself on fire as fans and onlookers cheered.
  • Kota had just participated in a wrestling match before taking the action outside
  • He had earlier waved a flare around for his fans

WWE star Kota Ibushi set himself on fire in an outrageous stunt with fireworks as fans and onlookers cheered in London, UK recently.
Kota turns the flare of the firework on himself

                             Wrestling star Kota Ibushi literally lit up London's East End on Sunday

Kota stood ontop of an SUV and waved the fireworks around his cheering fans and onlookers before turning the flare on himself. Within a short moment, he was entirely engulfed in a ball of fire, making for an unreal sight that enthralled his fans even more.

Former WWE star Kota Ibushi burnt himself with a firework after mounting his opponents car
Kota was engulfed in a ball of fire

Kota had earlier participated in a tag-team wrestling match at the Resistance Gallery before he and fellow wrestlers decided to take the action to the streets.

Another wrestler, Havoc, was choke slammed on the roof of a car in what became a continuation of the tag-team match.

Kota, from Japan, is popular around the world
Speaking after his show, Kota said he was initially anxious that his match and stunts would not be well received, but expressed gratitude to fans who turned up and responded positively.

See the stunt in the video below.

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