Had Injury yet breaks records of 40-yard dash at ‘NFL Combine’; setting himself up for '$27M deal'. Adidas offers an island for winner but was not given to him because he wore Nike to do it.

  • Ross ran a 4.22-second dash beating Chris Johnson's 2008 run of 4.24-second
  • Adidas offered a private island valued at $1million to the athlete who could break the 2008 record, but only if they did it wearing Adidas
  • Ross lost out on the island from Adidas since he wore Nike Vapor 4.2 cleats that were given exclusively to athletes at the combine
  • But immediately after breaking record, Nike signed gave him endorsement deal
  • He's also entering the upcoming NFL draft and is likely to earn millions of dollars as Ross is now predicted to be in the top picks

Adidas made an insane offer to league prospects at the NFL Scouting Combine. ‘Anyone who broke the 40-yard dash record of 4.24-second made by then-East Carolina University football star Chris Johnson in 2008 would get their own private island valued at just under $1million.

But the only catch to the brand's offer was that whoever broke the record, had to be wearing Adidas shoes while running the 40-yard dash to get the lucrative prize.
The sportswear brand didn't say which island or where it would be located.

Record breaker: Washington receiver John Ross III shocked everyone by running a 4.22-seconds 40-yard dash, breaking the 4.24-second record set in 2008 by then-East Carolina University football star Chris Johnson
Despite not winning the island, which Adidas didn't reveal where it would be located, Ross did end up signing what's likely a lucrative endorsement deal with Nike.
is set to enter the NFL draft after announcing earlier this year that he would forego his senior season with the Huskies. 
Even more astonishing, Ross broke the record while suffering from an injury. 
It was revealed on February 10 that he tore a labrum in his shoulder but he decided to put the required surgery on hold until after the combine and pro day workouts. 
With entering the NFL draft as the fastest to run the 40-yard dash, Ross is likely now to earn millions of dollars after his stellar display at the combine

Wahsington receiver John Ross 22, who is the oldest of six-siblings broke the record set by Chris Johnson by running 40-yard dash in 4.22-seconds. Chris Johnson had set a record of 4.24-second of 40-yard dash in 2008 but this has been broken by the 22-year old college star.

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