Compassionate Wife of the President Builds Orphanage, School in Maiduguri.

The Wife of Nigeria’s president, Hajiya Aisha Buhari, builds orphanage and school in maiduguri. The construction commenced on Tuesday, February 28. It was disclosed by the office of the first lady that the foundation of the project was laid by the Deputy Governor of Borno state, Usman Dirkwa.

The Aisha Buhari Foundation Orphanage and School is expected to provide basic necessities of life for orphans, in order to afford them a chance to grow up into normal adulthood.
It will also provide shelter, educational and health facilities as well as income generating activities.

 Aisha Buhari, who was represented at the event by Senior Special Assistant to the President, Hajo Sani, has consistently called for more humanitarian action in the North East, matching her words with action with the commencement of the project.

She said: “This project is borne out of my passion of improving the living condition of victims of conflicts and other humanitarian crises, particularly, children.”

Usman Dirkwa, the deputy governor of Borno state showed a heart of gratitude toward Aisha Buhari's commitment and prayed God to strengthen her.
He also promised that Borno state will continue to provide an enabling environment for humanitarian organizations to operate.

On their part, two young IDPs were full of praises for Aisha Buhari, who they see as a champion and a vanguard.
“She has done a lot for the IDPs. She has been at the forefront of assisting us and reminding others to do the same. Today, water and food are no longer challenges at the IDP camps,” said a young IDP.

Aisha Buhari stated that her act of compassion and commitment is not for her to receive gifts in return she further disclosed that she has been rejecting gifts from people even before Muhammadu Buhari became president.
Speaking at the launch of a new campaign against graft tagged, “Women Against Corruption” in Abuja, on Wednesday, December 7, Aisha said she does not intend to collect gifts as the wife of the president even in the future.

Would you do the same if you were the one?
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