Buhari Commends Osinbajo's Effort, Ask Him to Continue.

  • The president is finally back from the break after a long term major treatment.
  • Buhari thanks Nigerians for their support and prayers
  • He commended the acting president for his efforts and commitment and ask him to continue
President Muhammadu Buhari in Aso Rock after his return from London on March 10 2017
President Muhammadu Buhari says he deliberately came back towards the weekend so Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo could continue governing the country while he rests.

Buhari returned to Nigeria on Friday, March 9, after spending 49 days in London on a medical vacation.

The president was originally meant to be away for 10 days, but he wrote the Senate on February 5 to extend the vacation indefinitely.

“I deliberately came back towards the weekend so that the vice-president will continue and I will continue to rest,” he said.

“Youth and intelligence is clearly behind him, age and purely military experience is purely behind me,” Buhari said.

Buhari also said that he can’t remember ever being this sick since he was a young man.

“I couldn’t recall ever being so sick since I was a real young man including the military goings ups and downs,” he said.

Buhari handed over to Osinbajo before leaving Nigeria on January 19 and the latter has been praised for doing a fine job during the president’s absence.

Meanwhile, the president has said that he will require follow-up treatment within weeks.

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