‘There could never be a Men in Black if I had dropped you on your head.’ Convicted Doctor, plead for help from Will Smith.

Kermit Gosnell a notorious abortion doctor who has been sentenced into life imprisonment after being convicted of running a dreadful, horrific clinic recently wrote a letter to a very famous actor he delivered into this world, Will Smith. He was convicted in 2013 of the murder of three babies who were born alive and the involuntary manslaughter of a patient who died during a botched abortion. He agreed to a sentence of life without parole if prosecutors did not seek the death penalty.

Will Smith, 48, was born well before Gosnell started to operate his infamous ‘House of Horrors’ clinic on Lancaster Avenue in the Powelton Village section of Philadelphia, where he stabbed babies born alive with scissors.

The disgraced doctor was a resident at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia and was called in by Smith’s grandmother Helen Bright after her daughter — Will’s mother ‘Caroline Smith’ — went into labor.

He stated in his letter “There was further encouragement from your respect of your grandmother’s influence on your career. Perhaps my only credential of importance is that Mrs. Bright would have been one of my most fervent advocates. There are reasons that she chose Dr. G to deliver you when Dr. Lowenberg was in a traffic jam.”

“There are reasons that she apologized at her decision to “retire” from her past time employment as my recovery room nurse.”

“Mrs. Bright would have professed that I was a minority physician targeted for political gain, not a media monster. And she may have agreed with my perspective that there are underlying foundations beyond sanctity for life.”

The imprisoned wrote the letter in a bid for help from the superstar to step into his case so he can be discharged from his predicament.

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