'Save Three Million People a Year from Colds and Flu'- Put Vitamin D in bread and milk

'Three million people a year would escape colds and flu' if vitamin D was added to food

A study showed that 3.25 would avoid illness if they had vitamin D regularly.Experts believe it should be placed into common products such as bread and milk. Fortifying food with vitamin D would save more than 3million people a year from suffering with chronic colds and flu, a landmark study suggests today.
It claims that consuming the vitamin at least once a week slashes the risk of some people falling ill with a respiratory infection by up to 50 per cent.
Vitamin D is found in foods such as mackerel, red meat, sardine e.t.c  but experts have called it to be put into more common supplies such as bread and milk
Chronic respiratory infections are the most common illnesses in the world,
Inspite of the less intake of vitamin D yet modern diets, indoor lifestyles and grey weather has contributed positively.

    During the spring and summer, the skin makes vitamin D when it is exposed to the sun. But in the autumn and winter, most people have to rely on their diet to get enough. They can do that by eating liver, eggs, red meat and plenty of oily fish – but millions who do not eat enough of these foods should take supplements instead.

Things to know about Vitamin D
● Vitamin D is produced by the skin when it soaks up the sun’s rays, but experts are worried that modern indoor lifestyles mean we are not getting out enough.
● Vitamin D is vital for healthy bones, teeth and muscles, and the study’s findings reveal it also wards off respiratory infections such as flu, coughs and colds.
● Oily fish such as sardines or mackerel, red meat, liver and eggs are rich in vitamin D, but fewer people eat them often.
● Doctors warn that cases of rickets – a childhood softening of the bones that causes bow legs and knock knees – are on the increase as a result of low intake of vitamin D

  • ● Everyone should consider taking a 10microgram supplement of vitamin D every day from October until March. People with dark skin or those who stay indoors, and all pregnant women, should take it all year round.

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