‘I will be President of Nigeria soon’ says A Nigerian Governor

 Ayodele Fayose. (Photo Credit:The Cable)
On Tuesday, February 21, during an interview on African Independent Television. The Governor of Ekiti state, Fayose Ayodele commented that He will soon become the President of Nigeria. He also commented on the appointment of Ali Modu Sheriff as the Chairman of The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), 'Ali Modu Sheriff is a general without an army'.
“It is not by power; it is destiny. Even I did not believe it after becoming Ekiti (governor) after eight years of leaving office. I will be the vice president of Nigeria, even the President very soon,” he said.

“He is a general without an army. If democracy is about people and party politics is about people, tell Senator Ali Modu Sheriff to bring out the people behind him,” he said about Sheriff.

“You will see all the senators at our own meetings, who are those behind Sheriff? When holding a press conference, they will use camera to control them like this, just about three of them,” he added.

Fayose had earlier attacked Sheriff after the latter was named the  PDP chairman by the Court of Appeal.

“On that comment by Sheriff that he will kick me and Gov. Wike out of PDP, I don’t talk to monkeys. That Appeal Court judgment is just a phase, it will fizzle out. All things will work together for good for me, that’s what the Bible says,” the governor said.

Meanwhile, former president, Goodluck Jonathan has acknowledged Sheriff as the official party chairman.

The PDP has been involved in a leadership crisis since May 2016 when some members attempted to remove Sheriff as chairman. Sheriff was later confirmed the party chairman by the Court of Appeal which does not go well with the majority of the party

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