Nokia phone saves man from bullet penetration

Nokia phones no doubt have been the most durable, reliable phones for a while now. Remember Nokia 3310? Yeah, I’m sure you are nodding your head right now in agreement. But this time, it is Nokia 301. 

Peter Skillman, one of the techies who worked on developing the phone made the announcement on the surprising incident via his Twitter account.

Who would have thought it possible? A Nokia 301 phone has saved the life of a man in Afghanistan after a bullet aimed at the user failed to penetrate the device.

One of the developers of the phone, Peter Skillman made a comment via his Twitter account taking credit for the life-saving phone.

He wrote, "A Nokia phone I worked on a few years ago saved the life of a man in Afghanistan last week. The embedded bullet...."

A picture from this post shows the device totally destroyed but saved the life of its owner in the process.

Source: Pulseng


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