7 easy ways to eliminate bad breath

Bad breath is one the most embarrassing attribute someone could possess. Bad breath (known as halitosis) can occur as a result of poor dental hygiene or a sign of underlying health issues in some cases.

Bad breath in most cases can be as a result of eating strong smelling foods, smoking or dry mouth although sometimes gum diseases and oral thrush can also give the mouth a foul smell! Bad breath is usually as a result of bacteria build up at the back of the tongue or between the teeth.

Bad breath

Bad breath/halitosis is a common problem found in a lot of people and can get worse over time if not attended to! These simple habits if adopted will help keep bad breath away:

  1. Cleaning the tongue after brush (when you brush, do same with the tongue)
  2. Rinse mouth after eating especially spicy foods
  3. Stimulating saliva production by chewing minty gums
  4. Flossing and brushing in the morning and at night to get rid of trapped food particles
  5. Occasionally eat mint or parsley leaves
  6. Drink water often
  7. Eat fruits high in Vitamin C; apples especially help to keep the breath fresh
Be aware also that frizzy drinks and foods like onions, garlic as well as coffee and alcohol can also cause bad breath! Brushing regularly is a sure way to reduce bad breath.


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